• Susan Fysh


The day I really need a run also seems to be the day that the working day wants to test my last reserves. In a matter of hours, a change from absolutely nothing will get in the way of a run, to not going.By the time I was about twenty minutes into my car journey home, I was feeling drowsy, questioning my ability to train. The early evenings are still that somewhere in between daylight and evening darkness, my eyes welcoming this. I can feel my running gear coaching me from the boot...if they could talk, they would say "think of the air, the freedom, the feeling when you're out on the trails". Yet, I feel my body increasingly sinking into the comfort and warmth of the car. Ok, so, I am turning left up the steep hill to where I will park my car at the base of my training hill, I am not sure how I stay awake. I am faced with a short window of opportunity, to get out of the car, quickly change into running gear and get moving, or stay put, recline my seat and sleep.The body beat the mind. I fell into a deep, deep sleep.I wake once or twice and hear sounds of walkers returning to their cars and I notice the sky darkening over the lake view ahead of me. My head is accepting my body's need for rest, but I can't help feeling I have let myself down, again. I gave myself the extra time, I had the support of my partner and family by not having to rush home. I have learnt a lot over the last few years about self care, by my own doing as well as reading and learning from those around me. I have to stay in that place within myself that is acknowledging that my day begins before anyone else in the house is even awake. I work solidly the entire day and it doesn't stop, I switch roles, yes, but work doesn't stop, so taking a nap instead of a run, I needed that today. On these days, it is important to recognise what it is that you need when you settle back home to reset for the next running scenario. For me, I need to mentally and physically prepare for the following day. Let go of the day, by being with my family, prepare for how to get out on the trails whether it be the following day, or do I need to skip another. I need to prepare what I will eat and drink in the morning, for me that can simply be the intention rather than the actual preparing of the food. For me, mornings are a crucial time that has a huge impact on how I feel for the day so I decide the night before how I want to feel in the morning and work towards that. What did I learn?Get dressed into your running gear BEFORE you leave work - better chance of being in the mindset for training Choose a training route for convenience on those long, hard days - less driving time Get to bed earlier on nights before training run - more likely to have better endurance to get through the day So I almost ran.Almost definition - not quite, very nearly

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