Susan Fysh

34, Intuitive Spiritual Coach & Holistic Practitioner

Susan here, and I'm here to tell you the honest truth about me.  Not what I think you want to hear, simply the truth.  The truth is, I'm just like you.  Yes, you.  I'm living the full expression of the human experience.  All emotions, all struggles and all gifts. ​


Like many of us on this path of truth and enlightenment, and in this line of work, I wasn't always this awake, aware or happy, and it did not come to me in a dream or a dramatic event.  Most of us are aware that this does happen, but not in most cases.  I am not here to tell you that I have had a terrible life so far, or a glorious one, we all have a story and I will happily share mine with you.  The deepest parts of me know that I am teaching and learning simultaneously, that without suffering, there is no clarity, without joy , there is no hope and that the acceptance of this and other teachings allows us to surrender to and relish in the delight of human experience and connection.   


Truth is a trigger word for so many of us, but don't you find that the truth is easier to navigate then the other?  And I mean your own truth, as you know, we cannot manipulate the world around us to be truthful, it must come from within.  My quest for truth must have started at a very young age, as I remember feeling out of place, disconnected.  Now I know that all of that was for you, for all of us, for studying the human belief, behaviour systems and human conditioning, before I could truly find my place.  

I have worked a job since I was 13 years old, seeing my older Brother get a part time job, I wanted in on that too.  Then every year of my life I have had at least one job.  I've worked in Food and Beverage service and management, Hospitality, Sales, Gym sales consultancy, Sales Representative on the road, Merchandising and Market Analytics in FMCG.

The all important last role as a Market Analyst was where it all peaked for me.  It was a fantastic opportunity to take on that role and it taught me so much, about myself.  Without giving you the details now, I had become angry, I was making mistakes, my physical body was telling me I couldn't go on like that.  I was incapable of being, of being, of surrendering.  I was in a relationship where I felt alone, misunderstood and held back.  I certainly was not happy or fulfilled, and I was caught up in the misery.

I knew things couldn't continue in this way, and nature supported that when  I was about to take two weeks annual leave, my manager spoke to me about taking a different role in the company, without the responsibility of my current role.  I knew instantly that I had to resign.  I couldn't stay where I was, I couldn't take the other job, both would only prolong the misery.  The only option was to leave.  I spent the entire two weeks knowing this and afraid of making it real.  The very first day on my return to work, I told my boss and made it official.  One month's notice.  I was relieved, freer already.  I remember my boss saying to me that I should be miserable to be back at work after the holiday, but instead I was almost skipping through the office.  

I didn't wait around, I spent my free time researching courses and getting advice to make sure I was signing up to the right career change.  For years I went into panic mode in September, telling myself that I had to sign up to a course to make a change, this was to be my year.  I ended up staying on an extra month following a team project review meeting where my bosses were impressed with the reporting systems I had created.  I made it happen in the way that suited me, by working part time and from home which meant I still had time to do what I needed to do.  I made my decision on the Holistic therapy course fairly quickly and for the first time I allowed myself to acknowledge that I have always wanted to take care of people, empower them and help people to feel better about themselves.  That was years ago and I have been evolving progressively ever since I decided to align my heart's desire with my intention, thoughts and actions.  Know that we are always evolving, growing, changing, searching and that everything is available to us!

I have to say that the college course opened me up, exposed me, challenged me, exhausted me and expanded my awareness of the possibilities for my future.  I also enrolled in a 200 hour Yoga Teacher training course to complete alongside the full time college course!  At this time of my life, I would have been very hard on myself, taking on 'too much', operating on the old ways of thinking of needing to work hard, the normality of work and life to be difficult.

The emotions and traumas were facilitated to rise and be released, at times, they poured out of me!

 I attended workshops: shamanic drumming & journeying, holotropic breathwork, african dancing, Yoga, Kirtan, talks, expo's, tentatively at first and then opening myself up to that world more and more.

As soon as I could, I started sharing my learnings, therapies with others.  As soon as I could take paying clients, I did and this felt so good!  The sense of purpose, meeting amazing people and learning so much!  Back then, I  never really explored what it is that I wanted for myself professionally and this is still a bit of a challenge as I focus more on the people I can reach out to and serve first.


I have times in my work where I have taught a lot of Yoga, 10 classes a week alongside my holistic therapy one to one's, and attending college, I have taken part time jobs in a 5 star spa, supermarket, health food store and cafe.  I set up a holistic therapy centre, competed in The World Massage Championships, ran Yoga retreats and workshops and continue to train and expand my knowledge and awareness.


Personally, I have transformed many traumas, limiting beliefs, old patterns and 

ways of thinking and operating.

I have travelled alone, ended a long term relationship to release us both, started a new relationship, falling completely in love with my twin flame and two young children, being blessed with pregnancy and suffered miscarriage, started business, ended business and totally reviewed myself, my life, purifying constantly.  

I have worried a good bit about not having clear direction, not being good enough and times where I have been in my Dharma.

Some of the issues that people come to with are: bullying, stress, anxiety, poor sleep, feeling disempowered, isolated, trapped in bad patterns caught up in misery, trapped by judgements of others.

Resolution seekers, those ready to move forward, seekers of truth, happiness and freedom.


Conditions cannot be cured and fixed, never stop taking medication or liaising with medical professionals regarding health concerns.


  ThThis is a great space to write long text about your company and your services. You can use this space to go into a little more detail about your company. Talk about your team and what services you provide. Tell your visitors the story of how you came up with the idea for your business and what makes you different from your competitors. Make your company stand out and show your visitors who you are.

"When we join our heart's longing & Purpose with action, we find that there is a true and exciting way to move through the world.  It is a path of steady, alignment between the heart's intention and our every step."

Much Love Susan xx

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